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 Jeannae Pinno

As a Certified Wedding Planner, with over 9 years of experience styling, planning & coordinating weddings, I have come to love every single aspect and detail involved in making every wedding day unique and special to reflect who you are as a couple.


Stonesby Events was born out of a life long love of event planning.  Growing up on a sixth generation farm, family and all that it entails played a huge part in my life. All of our events were planned and staged on the farm. From a young age, I took part in every aspect of planning and excecuting. Events started to get even more exciting when my generation started getting married!






Stonesby Events is excited to partner with many great vendors in the area to provide you with the best service for your special day! If you struggling to find vendors, please do not hesitate to ask! We are happy to assist you with any or all of your needs.

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