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What is a Day-Of Coordinator?

I know from many of the brides that I have worked with, the first thing they do when they get engaged is start working on a budget. But 1 item that many brides tend to leave out in the initial planning stages is someone to help them on the day of their wedding.

This is definitely one of the most underated vendors in the industry - but why? Many brides think that it is a waste of money, some think they can't afford it. I have had people say to me "I mean you are just there to send people down the isle, anyone can do that!" Well I am here to inform you, that

  1. Not everyone can get people organized and get them down the isle

  2. Day of Coordinating is a lot more than just the "Day-Of"

Along with speaking with the bride (and sometimes the groom!) I am in contact with the vendors, answering last minute questions, finding out thier schedules so I can put together a detailed timeline.

"Why do you need a detailed timeline?" some may ask - Well if you want everything on your wedding to happen and transition smoothly - a timeline is a must! Venues have time limits for renting their space, vendors only work for a certain amount of hours - you don't want to miss cutting your cake and having the photographer there to capture the moment because you were lost in the dancing and now are getting kicked out of your venue and your photographer left an hour earlier! We can get into this more on another post but like I said before - Detailed Timeline is a must!

Finally - the wedding weekend rolls around and it is rehearsal time! This is the day that I am there to make sure that everyone lines up correctly to walk down the isle, to stand up front during the ceremony and for the wedding party to see who I am and what I look like. "Why does the wedding party need to know what you look like?" - That's simple! I am the person they come to with any questions or concerns for the rest of the weekend. The bride and groom are there to enjoy guests and the whole event, they don't need to be bothered. That is what I am for! The more people that recognize me, the less likely someone will go to the bride or the groom.

The Big Day!

I recently heard a story from a vendor that they went to drop off the cake at the venue and there was no one there to direct her as to where she should put the cake. None of the tables were set yet and the florest hadn't arrived, so the baker placed the cake in that spot she thought it should go and hoped for the best. What if that wasn't where the bride wanted the cake to go? What if the spot chosen didn't make sense to the flow of the room? Once the cake is set, is it really worth trying to move it? - Point of the story is - if they had someone there to be the advocate for the bride and point people in the right direction, this would have never been an issue and the cake would have been placed is the perfect spot from the very beginning.

So - As long as this post is, I could add in the million other jobs and tasks that I take on to fulfill my duties as a Day-Of Coordinator, but I think you get the point. A Day-Of Coordinator is an essential part to making sure your wedding day is the best day and exactly what you dreamed it to be!

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